Windows Date Of Installation

Quick Tip: Find Windows Date Of Installation.

If you want to know for any reason when you have installed your Windows operating system this quick tip will help you find the exact date of installation of your Windows. In our earlier ... Continue Reading →
Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Stuck At 0

How To Fix Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Stuck At 0 Percentage.

Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Stuck At 0: I have successfully upgraded my Windows 7 laptop to Windows 8 Pro. Even though everything looks great now and I am really happy and thrilled using ... Continue Reading →

Fresh Diagnose: Get complete information about your computer.

The Native system information panel enable by pressing Win + Pause Break on keyboard. On the Native system information panel you can view the basic information of Windows edition, ... Continue Reading →

Emoji: The Emoticons for your Windows phone.

Human always like to use symbolic language to convey their message or feeling which they fine unable to express through words. Symbolic language is speechless language. And it’s ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Surface: competitor for Ipad on the way.

Even though Microsoft is number one when it comes to software’s and operating system, it has not been so good for them when it’s hardware like computers, smartphones or tabs. We ... Continue Reading →

Auslogics BitReplica: Backup and Restore Windows Profiles and browser profiles.

Backing up Windows and browser profiles when system is in good state is always handy since if one bad your system goes corrupt or case like hard disk crash ,when rebuilding the machine ... Continue Reading →

Infographic: the improvements of Windows 8.

Windows 8 is considered to be a strong competitor for Android OS and Mac’s and its seen that with the full public release of Windows 8 Microsoft will target the Tab and smartphone ... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: How to unhide all the folders and file inside a USB drive.

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Check compatibility of any software or hardware on Windows 7.

Windows 7 is most used operating system world over; both versions of Windows 32 and 64 bit are very common. Now as we have moved from earlier operating system like Windows Vista or ... Continue Reading →

Official: WordPress for Windows OS.

In an older post I have mentioned about installing WordPress in Windows with Wamp, now Microsoft brings the official app for WordPress. Microsoft has released its official tool for ... Continue Reading →