YLMF Linux with interface look-alike of Windows Xp.

Many of us know the fact that Linux is really powerful and secure. But biggest issue which all people find unable to digest is its completely different style to use them. People are ... Continue Reading →

Delete any locked file with FileASSASSIN.

In one my previous article I have mentioned about “Delete undeletable file with Unlocker.” In this post I will explain about another such related application which will enable ... Continue Reading →

Backup your Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a great web browser. Now when it’s up and running you save lot of your favorites and settings in this and you never want to lose them. What if your system crashes ... Continue Reading →

History of Windows Operating System

It has been 25 years since our much loved Windows Operating system came into our life, the history starts with Microsoft release of Windows 1.0 way back in 1985, and wow 25 years back. ... Continue Reading →

IPad competitor’s soon in market –Microsoft, Samsung and Asus

IPad success s has paved new war in the field of tablet pc. Now more and more competitors are entering the market. Microsoft : the biggest player and software giant Microsoft already ... Continue Reading →

Seven Copies of Windows 7 Per Second

contributed by:Ryan Microsoft has reported that they are selling 7 copies of windows 7 liscenses  per second (well 7.086, to be exact) Microsoft announced, that this is the most popular ... Continue Reading →