Windows 8: Most useful keyboard shortcuts.

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Windows 8: The Metro, Charms, Apps and More.

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Disabling your Windows 8 SmartScreen Filter

Windows 8 includes SmartScreen filters and is intended to prevent malware infections. This works as a new layer of security and is built from Internet Explorer into Windows.  It is ... Continue Reading →

Windows 8: A complete reference guide.

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Windows all set have a new logo.

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Beginners guide for Windows 8 operating system.

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Windows 8: Cloud Computing Is Truly on the Way

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The Importance of Tablets and Windows 8 for Microsoft’s Future

The world of the tablet has certainly arrived. Apple took a unique approach to the tablet with the iPad, and their strategy paid off. The iPad is not a laptop or netbook without a ... Continue Reading →

Windows 8: The era of post PC begins.

Post PC is not about asking to get rid of the PC. It’s about developing a series of devices which can act as a PC for every user. Thus catering both the technical user and a common ... Continue Reading →

Windows 8: Official pre-release version now available for download.

Microsoft’s next much awaited operating system – Windows 8 is already much hyped. Well the greatest and latest news in the series is that now you can try out the Windows 8 prerelease ... Continue Reading →