Examvoice: Preparing For Exams Now Made Simple.

  Examvoice: Preparing for exams or even learning something becomes simple when you are able to hear and learn it rather than just reading out lessons/texts on books. Examvoice is ... Continue Reading →

Shutttr: Community for professional and amateur photographers.

If you are someone who is really interested in photography the Shutttr is community for you. Well it’s not a problem if you are professional or an amateur in this field, being a ... Continue Reading →

Listen to your customer queries and feedbacks with Google TalkBin.

Google has released yet another application quietly in the market which focuses to help business owners in interacting with their customers quite easy and efficient way, Google Talkbin ... Continue Reading →

AeroFS: sync your files with complete control and flexibility.

You all might be aware of services like Dropbox where you can sync files on cloud an access it on your pc or laptop where you have installed the client. What more you don’t have ... Continue Reading →

M-Disc: an optical disk which lasts forever.

A new tech startup Millenniata is developed an optical disc : M Disc which they stay last forever (a 1000 year ) and what more its scratch proof, heat proof and even remains intact ... Continue Reading →

Share photos and videos on Twitter with Yfrog.

Now you can share your photos and videos to your Twitter with Yfrog service. Twitter since it arrival have been a super hit as micro social network. But since it has limitation when ... Continue Reading →

Send hand written mails to your buddies Snail Mail My Email.

Snail Mail My Email is interesting service which I have accidently come upon. It’s some kind of unique and interesting service which I felt I should share with you all.With Snail ... Continue Reading →

Search Google skipping Google product results with Google Minus.

Well when it comes to searching something on internet, the first name which comes to our mind is Google. Google has grown so popular that for lots of people internet means Google. ... Continue Reading →

Free online to do list –Strike.

We have many ways to create a to-do list for our daily works, like if you are using Outlook you have options to set tasks and reminders. Services like Gmail also provide you this facility. ... Continue Reading →

See how your webpage looks with different fonts with FontFonter.

FontFonter is service which helps you to view your website in different fonts. Most of websites use the so called web safe font which simply means to use fonts which are most common ... Continue Reading →