GoogleClean: Decide What To Share Or What Not To Share With Google.

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Learning Key Board Shortcuts made Easy with KeyRocket.

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Get Back Windows 7 Gadgets On Windows 8 with 8GadgetPack.

One feature you will miss on Windows 8 from its predecessor is the Gadgets. Microsoft has introduced Gadgets from its Windows Vista and it was continued on Windows 7 but they have ... Continue Reading →

Ginger: Correct Your Spelling And Grammar.

Ginger is freeware application which acts a digital proofreader for any text, document for spelling and grammar errors. Usually we use text editors like Microsoft Word for creating ... Continue Reading →

Remove personal information from images with FileMind Quick Fix.

In the digital age which we are living we always have threat when it comes to privacy/personal information (Meta data). When it comes to images some years ago we don’t care much. ... Continue Reading →

Free desktop publishing software – SpringPublisher

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Create burn or extract images with ISO Workshop.

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Light Image Resizer great freeware tool to image resize.

Light Image Resizer is freeware tool which resizes you images. It’s very beneficial if you have lots of images/bulk images where you can do all the process at one single click. Some ... Continue Reading →

Manage your passwords with 1password on all devices.

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Make Quick Time All in one player for Mac with Perian.

For all Mac users Quick time is life line when it comes to media, whether to watch videos, listen to songs and many more. But as a standard player of Mac operating system it has got ... Continue Reading →