News: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Launching Soon.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini would be new effort from Samsung electronics to come back on track in smartphone race. Present scenario is not so overwhelming for Samsung with its recent defeat ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S3: Quick look through.

Samsung has released it’s much awaited phone of the year, Samsung Galaxy S3 and as expected its in built with many great feature and this post gives a quick look though all of them.   New ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S3 to get Long-Range wireless charging tech.

Battery life is one of the most annoying problems in modern high-end phones – even the 1800-2000 MHz batteries last for about a day only, and we users want our phones to stay powered ... Continue Reading →

Apple wins the battle, problems for Galaxy tab in EU countries.

Apple has won the battle against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, as the fact remains that its copycat of IPad and Apple got the results for that. Apple has won a case against Samsung; German ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S – Some basic tips

Samsung Galaxy S is great phone with lot of built in features, so it’s must that we are familiarized with the basics of the phone. Samsung Galaxy S is Android powered phone. So let’s ... Continue Reading →

Android –Help Guide

Android operating systems is becoming famous day by day. Branded phones likes Samsung, Sony Erricson, HTC, LG and many more are powered by Android os. So now time to know more about ... Continue Reading →

Samsung unveils Galaxy Ipad.

Samsung yesterday has unveiled its much awaited Ipad. Galaxy looks bit less wide when compared to its competitor Apple Ipad .Samsung has planed not release it to direct public rather ... Continue Reading →

IPad competitor’s soon in market –Microsoft, Samsung and Asus

IPad success s has paved new war in the field of tablet pc. Now more and more competitors are entering the market. Microsoft : the biggest player and software giant Microsoft already ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S: Hyper Definition Super AMOLED screen for unmatched brilliance and color

Samsung Galaxy S: Hyper Definition Super AMOLED screen for unmatched brilliance and colour – Enjoy the best viewing experience with the 4” Hyper Definition Super AMOLED screen. ... Continue Reading →