Yahoo Mail new design looks great!

Learning from the mistakes is something most important whether in your business or in your life. Past some years we have seen Yahoo mails deterioration and losing it customer base ... Continue Reading →

Floating smartphone: A reason to replace your iPhone

Mobile designers In-Oh Yoo and Sun-woong Oh have invented something that may soon replace the iPhone. Their new smartphone and smartphone-charger concept seeks to redefine the limits ... Continue Reading →

Startup:Tell Swifto what you want and where you want and get it.

Swifto is new start up which looks quite unique. In simple language it’s a web service from where you can request for your requirement or need and then get it at your location. The ... Continue Reading →

Automate Pc shut down with WinMend Auto Shutdown.

We all have a habit of leaving our pc on when we have something big to download, so that download continues even we are away. There may be other reasons also to keep the pc on. Well ... Continue Reading →

Adobe Muse: Design websites with absolute no knowledge of coding.

Adobe Muse is website designer which can be used to design exquisite webpages with 0% knowledge of coding. Adobe Muse is quite different from normal WYSIWYG editor since its completely ... Continue Reading →


If you are system administrator or network administrator or somebody who in charge to check network and connectivity issues and status you might be using the very traditional command ... Continue Reading →

Check and edit the history of RUN box.

WindowsRunHistoryEditor is simple freeware tool by which you can view or edit the MRU (Most Recently Used) Windows RUN-dialog box. Well now you may think how we can use this tool productively ... Continue Reading →

Sync Google Docs from your pc with Syncdocs.

As you will be aware how famous has been Dropbox service among the public. Now we have another new startup service Syncdocs by which you can sync your Google Docs with your Pc. With ... Continue Reading →

Try out new elementary OS Jupiter.

Elementary OS is a computer operating system built on Linux kernel technology. With its brilliant looks it gives us a feel of Mac operating system. Other than this it’s an open source ... Continue Reading →

Firefox 5 released and is now available for download.

World’s favorite browser Firefox has released its next version Firefox version 4.0.1 popularly known as Firefox 5 is now available for public download. Some of the enhancement includes ... Continue Reading →