HTC J Butterfly: The 5 Inch Android Smartphone from HTC.

HTC J Butterfly: It’s now confirmed that HTC will soon release a new flagship smartphone HTC J Butterfly which is rumoured to have 1080p display with 5 inch screen width. It’s ... Continue Reading →
jelly bean

Jelly Bean: An Awestruck Operating System of Android.

Jelly Bean:These days, the operating system that exists in smart phones and tablets varies in different forms and out of those operating systems Android is gaining much popularity ... Continue Reading →

New Nokia Lumia 920 Ad Making Fun Of IPhone 5.

New Nokia Lumia 920 ad is now viral on YouTube which is criticizing Apple IPhone. Before it was Samsung which made fun of IPhone 5 by doing a comparative study of features one by one ... Continue Reading →

Introducing Nokia Lumia 920 with Wireless Charging.

Wireless charging is coming to Nokia Lumia 920, In last quarter, Nokia sold nearly 4 million phones, and it is still behind Android Smartphone.  Perhaps this wireless charging technology ... Continue Reading →

Nokia PureView 808 with 41 Megapixels ‘The Super Camera’

Nokia has come out with its latest smartphone megapixel camera that gives even the best megapixel cameras a run for their money. The Smartphone PureView 808 is one of its kind encompassing ... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: How to hard reset Nokia E 72.

There may be multiple reason for a hard reset (factory result), but how to do it on various smartphones are not easy. In this post I will explain how you can hard reset your Nokia ... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: How to remove unwanted access points on Nokia smartphones.

This post especially for Nokia smart phones users who have faced great difficulty with the detail settings. One such issue I have faced and surely many of might have is to delete access ... Continue Reading →

How to factory reset your Nokia E72 with Secret key.

Ever faced problem with Nokia software updates? Well it’s a common thing now days when we have lots of apps in the market.  I have faced this situation, one fine day I updated an ... Continue Reading →

Free offline dictionary –Word Web.

Do you want a completely free offline dictionary? I have earlier posted about an online dictionary from Oxford (You can read here: Oxford Online Dictionary ). Here I will mention about ... Continue Reading →

Recycle your Old Nokia phones; Nokia will plant a tree for each.

Nokia has started a great step towards environment conservation .For this they bring up their old mobile phones recycle venture. The great thing about this venture is that one it protects ... Continue Reading →