Firefox OS

Here Comes Firefox OS for Smartphones.

Firefox OS: Web Browser leader Mozilla is all set now for giving Apple and Android a competition with its Firefox OS for smartphones. They have unveiled two preview smartphones at developer’s ... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: How To Check Firefox Plugins For Updates And Security.

Firefox is one my favorite browser; I have been using it since very long. It’s a fast, secure, lots of plugins and many more such features make it one my favorite and I believe this ... Continue Reading →

How to Rearrange Position of Firefox Tabs.

Firefox tabs are the one which enables you to browse multiple webpages under a single browser window.If you are using Firefox browser for a long time, you might have noticed that the ... Continue Reading →

Mozilla Firefox 4 full version is now available for download.

Mozilla has released its much awaited browser, Firefox 4. There is significant change in the looks and feel of the world’s favorite browser. With Firefox 4 Mozilla has completely ... Continue Reading →

Disable all JavaScript annoyance on a webpage with RightToClick Firefox addon

If you are very frequent in trying out different websites and blogs, you surely might have come upon a situation where the website/blog might have blocked right clicking on the webpage ... Continue Reading →

Clear Firefox Dropbox profile conflicts with FirefoxProfileCleaner.

If you are using Dropbox there would be no doubt that you would be fan of this service. If you are using your favorite Firefox portable browser with Dropbox add-on the advantage is ... Continue Reading →

Backup your Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a great web browser. Now when it’s up and running you save lot of your favorites and settings in this and you never want to lose them. What if your system crashes ... Continue Reading →