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Jelly Bean: An Awestruck Operating System of Android.

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[GIVEAWAY]1AVMonitor: Ultimate Remote Surveillance Software for Free.

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Rolosoft: Check if an email id fake or real.

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How to unhide super hidden or system hidden files.

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Quick Tip: How to hard reset Nokia E 72.

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Manage and control Android smartphone from Pc.

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How to enable windows installer service on safe mode.

On critical times we may have to enter on to Windows Safe mode, may it be for different causes like hardware/software failure, virus attack, removing some service or many more. But ... Continue Reading →

How to block annoying photo tagging on Facebook.

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How to set a phone alert on Hotmail.

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How Computer Viruses Spread & What You Can Do To Prevent Them.

(Contributed by Guest blogger Kate Schneiders) With more than 100 new computer viruses released and spread over the Internet every day, antivirus software is arguably the most important ... Continue Reading →