Call the world for free with Google Voice.

Contributed by : Aarthy Communication is inevitable in everyone’s life and advancement in technology has helped individuals and businessmen to converse effectively. During the year ... Continue Reading →

Send your YouTube videos to your Phone with Google Chrome

Google chrome has added a new feature by which you can send your favorite YouTube videos directly to phone. This application comes in handy for users who are travelling but still don’t ... Continue Reading →

Sync Google calendar with Outlook.

Google has announced that we will able to sync our Outlook calendar with the Google Calendar sync. Google has worked closely with different platforms and application and its calendar ... Continue Reading →

IPad competitor’s soon in market –Microsoft, Samsung and Asus

IPad success s has paved new war in the field of tablet pc. Now more and more competitors are entering the market. Microsoft : the biggest player and software giant Microsoft already ... Continue Reading →

Google completes full acquisition of to refuel wwf.

Google announces the completion of acquisition of website company, this is their next step is so called wwf (War with Face book).Google has aquierd the site for $ 182 million ... Continue Reading →

Gmail now supports drag and drop of attachments in Google Chrome

Google has added the feature in its Gmail for its Google chrome web browser users. Now users can drag and drop the attachment form Gmail directly to your pc. Previously Gmail have ... Continue Reading →

Send large file for free with

In our work or at home sending files to our friends, colleges sometimes become a big hassle because normally all email providers allows you a limited amount of space when it comes ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft releases Office Web Apps

Microsoft has launched its much awaited Office Web Apps .So now you can use your favorite word, Excel, PowerPoint and many more online. Microsoft Office Web Apps are convenient online ... Continue Reading →

Switch back to Old Google Images Layout.

I have posted about the new Google images launch by Google and the people response. Good news is that Google has not altogether removed the old feature, wow nice news and actually ... Continue Reading →

Google Images new layout

Google has unveiled new style of its Google Images, but sadly it has not made anyone happy. Lot people have made their concerns about it. Previous Google images were accepted by all ... Continue Reading →