Find Big Mail: Find Large Emails in Gmail and Free Up Space.

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Quick Tip: How to Search Emails with Attachment Only in Gmail.

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A look through Gmail 2-step verification.

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Help your friends in switching to Gmail from other email providers.

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Drag and Drop images feature comes to Gmail.

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Quick tip: Access Gmail keyboard shortcuts quick way.

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Play snake game right inside Gmail.

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Gmail increases contact storage to 25,000 from 10,000.

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Gmail makes sending emails bit more easier.

  If you have noticed when you send an email in Gmail/Google mail you will have to wait till your sending process is completed to view your inbox, check email or any further action. ... Continue Reading →

Gmail labels now will shorter.

Gmail has added a little change to its Labels feature. Now handling longer labels will be easier. Long labels are always a tough affair when it comes to editing. Now you can add and ... Continue Reading →