Learning Key Board Shortcuts made Easy with KeyRocket.

Learning keyboard shortcuts is always handy since it can make our work on computers faster and we don’t need that exhausting mouse click for each and every time.Moreover many of ... Continue Reading →

Last Pass: Manage all your passwords hassle free.

In this modern age we have lots of online accounts ,may it be your mail account, social network, blogs, bank accounts   and this list goes on increasing and one thing which is most ... Continue Reading →

Spiceworks: Free Helpdesk software for offices and IT pros.

On an office environment or even corporate environment managing IT assets, user support, tracking and all such tasks are important. Most of corporates spend much of its income on purchase ... Continue Reading →

Network security checker – Sharescan.

If you are an IT personnel may be a system administrator or network administrator, secure network is most important when it comes to corporate IT environment. In order adhere this ... Continue Reading →

Check and edit the history of RUN box.

WindowsRunHistoryEditor is simple freeware tool by which you can view or edit the MRU (Most Recently Used) Windows RUN-dialog box. Well now you may think how we can use this tool productively ... Continue Reading →

GClient: free desktop Google + client.

GClient is free Google + client for your desktop. This free application integrates into the system tray. Once you have installed this application you only a single click to access ... Continue Reading →

Express Planner – Free project planning software for small businesses

The Planning Force  Express Planner is free project planning software which provides small companies a free way to optimize the planning of their projects and their resources. ... Continue Reading →

Rocketmelt –the social browser available for public.

Rocketmelt had been popular among on tech world, Rocketmelt has been popular because of its great integration of social networks. Now Rocketmelt is available for download for public.With ... Continue Reading →

Uninstall applications by right click with Menu Uninstaller.

Uninstalling a software or application in Windows is not as smooth as it sounds. Well for someone who regularly uses Windows won’t have much issue in navigating to control panel ... Continue Reading →

Find duplicate files in your system – Duplicate Cleaner

One big problem I have faced every time is the problem of duplicate files. Believe me I have lot of files in my pc ,may it be my mp3,videos,documents ,movies ,software’s, games and ... Continue Reading →