Windows 8 Firefox Metro Browser

Windows 8 Firefox Metro Browser To Be Launched Soon.

Windows 8 Firefox Metro Browser will be live very soon. Mozilla community is said to have already stated the testing the Firefox Metro browser which is designed for Windows 8. Windows ... Continue Reading →

How to Enable Firefox Inbuilt PDF Viewer.

As you will aware Firefox has newest version Firefox 15.0 is live now. The new version comes with many previous bug fix and some new features.  One such feature is in built PDF viewer. ... Continue Reading →

Mozilla Firefox crosses 3 Billion Add-ons downloads.

Mozilla Firefox has reached yet another milestone. Firefox add on download has crossed a whopping 3 Billion (3,000,000,000!) mark and still counting. This is something very remarkable ... Continue Reading →

Turn off the Lights: Energy saver for your Firefox browser.

In this post I will tell how you can use your Firefox more power saving manner while watching videos and do a little bit from our side to conserve energy when online. Turn off the ... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: How to reset URL hide on Firefox 7.

If you have updated a new Firefox that is Firefox 7 then you might have noticed a little change on the address bar (where you type your website address). The change is that when you ... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: How to enable Spell check on Firefox and fix non spell check problem.

One of best and useful feature in Firefox browser is the spell check. This feature proves very handy for people who write blogs, frequent email composing, replying etc. With spell ... Continue Reading →

Firefox: Color your Firefox tabs with ColorfulTabs.

If you are someone who likes to stylize your Firefox browser the ColorfulTabs is something which you will be like very much. With ColorfulTabs you can change the color of firebox tabs. ... Continue Reading →

Find country where the website is hosted with Flagfox.

We do surf lots of website when online. We are not aware where is the website hosted or which is the company or location. Spammers and hackers who attack users try to fake websites ... Continue Reading →

Translate any webpage to English on right on Firefox.

How many times we have seen a webpage which have good information about something you are looking for but you can’t read them because it’s on an another language. Well even though ... Continue Reading →

Block all ads on any webpage with AdBlock.

When ever we search for something on Google or browse any webpage, we might see bunch of ads distributed on various areas of the webpage. Well these are common nowadays and most us ... Continue Reading →