How to shorten the Facebook page link like Facebook/pagename?

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Facebook’s “Remote logout Facility” to enhance security.

Facebook is consistently improving their features when it comes to its user security and privacy. A lot of security addition has been added recently which will make online users more ... Continue Reading →

Facebook Chat to be smooth soon.

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Social Media Plugins for Your WordPress

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Facebook to combat Trolling and other abuse with “ClickCEOP”

Facebook (London) has promised to public that it would design a new security measure to curb and stop abuse of stranger’s online and bullying instances. Engineers at Facebook are ... Continue Reading →

Google completes full acquisition of to refuel wwf.

Google announces the completion of acquisition of website company, this is their next step is so called wwf (War with Face book).Google has aquierd the site for $ 182 million ... Continue Reading →

Facebook’s Safety Page

Facebook launches a new security page for its users.Facebook has recently completed its 500,000 users. Recently it has received lot of criticism about its giving away of personal data ... Continue Reading →

Check suspicious logins in facebook

Check suspicious lo gins of your facebook,If some one logins your facebook,or some one have logged in from other mobile devices. Just log in into your Facebook account, go to your ... Continue Reading →