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Five Tips to Increase Blog Traffic for Beginners.

Increase blog traffic for beginners is a basic guide for newbie bloggers. But before going into it let me tell you the one golden rule which any blogger must know or understand and ... Continue Reading →

Blogger now has new DYNAMIC styles and themes.

If you have a blog hosted on Blogger or if you are a fan of Google Bloggers (Google Blog) then its time for you to rejoice more. If you have noticed Blogger has come out or trying ... Continue Reading →

Google Picasa and Blogger to get new names soon.

With arrival of Google +, Google is going for remarkable changes on its other products and services. This is news which I have been published on Mashable. According to them Google ... Continue Reading →

WordPress Pingback and Trackback.

If you are WordPress blogger you might have come across different terms which are related to WordPress blogs, and not only WordPress blogs lots of same type CMS applications. Such ... Continue Reading →

Create you blog or website with just an email –

Creating blog is pretty easy nowadays. Well now it’s going to utter simple with With all you need is to send an email with your content and it may be ... Continue Reading →

An inspiration for all bloggers – Amit Agarwal.

If you are blogger but thinks this is just a part time, then you should watch this video below. Its shows how a Indian quit his job and concentrated full time on his favorite hobby ... Continue Reading →

Create your own WordPress, Joomla and many more themes with Artisteer.

Would you like to create your own customized WordPress theme, would you like to create your own Joomla, Blogger or Drupal templates and themes? Then here is a great software application ... Continue Reading →