3 Reasons Why You Should Own a Blog.

Having a blog should be a priority in the world we live today, and if there is anything I will recommend that everybody become, it will be a blogger. Before I started my medifast and ... Continue Reading →

Bill gates blog: The Gates Notes.

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Gadgets that every bloggers must possess.

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Create you blog or website with just an email –Posterous.com

Creating blog is pretty easy nowadays. Well now it’s going to utter simple with Posterous.com. With Posterous.com all you need is to send an email with your content and it may be ... Continue Reading →

Create your own WordPress, Joomla and many more themes with Artisteer.

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Display date in your website with this simple java code

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How to install WordPress on your Pc with Wamp.

WordPress is great blogging platform. There are lot of people who use WordPress platform for their blog. Another thing which makes WordPress great is it’s open source and free for ... Continue Reading →

Seven Copies of Windows 7 Per Second

contributed by:Ryan Microsoft has reported that they are selling 7 copies of windows 7 liscenses  per second (well 7.086, to be exact) Microsoft announced, that this is the most popular ... Continue Reading →

WordPress 3.0.1 Released

WordPress has released their new blog version 3.0.1 with minor 50 bug fixes, it is recommended to all bloggers to update their current to latest version since it helps to maintain ... Continue Reading →