Best IOS Apps

Infograph: Learners Collection Of Best IOS Apps.

 There are many IOS apps available on Apple ITunes , The selection is so wide that you can get thousands of apps for each and every category you are looking for may it be games, entertainment, ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S3 Fails to IPhone 5 In the Drop Test.

By now you might have read dozens of article about Samsung Galaxy S3 and IPhone 5 like its features, good points, bad points, reviews etc. Android Authority a popular tech blog has ... Continue Reading →

Scan Any Attachment on IOS with VirusBarrier.

One of the major benefits of using any IOS device is that it’s not prone malware’s and viruses like in Windows. But we can’t take it for granted and it’s always better to take ... Continue Reading →

IPhone 5: Smaller Lighter Smarter Smartphone.

IPhone 5: at last the wait has come to an end and Apple has officially released it. Let’s give a quick look to what’s new and hot in the new IPhone 5. IPhone 5 is made entirely ... Continue Reading →
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5 Useful Ipad/Iphone Tricks.

We live in a world that is dependent upon efficiency. Tasks that used to take minutes now take seconds. Ones that used to take hours now take minutes. I would never suggest that human ... Continue Reading →

Keeping Messages Private with the iPhone Black SMS App.

iPhone releases a new and exciting app in the form of the Black SMS. This is an app that helps you to keep SMS conversations hidden till you are ready to read them.  The idea behind ... Continue Reading →

Mac Users Read On: Quick Fix for Hash Mismatch Error.

When downloading apps from the Mac App Store you may often come across an error message stating “Hash Mismatch.”  You can get around this by following these simple steps: Close ... Continue Reading →

A look through top 5 IPad 3 Features.

The Ipad 3 was launched on March 7, 2012 with great fanfare. Due to the fact that the Ipad 3 looks identical to the Ipad 2, people naturally want to know exactly what the new features ... Continue Reading →

Drop test: Iphone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S2.

This post is about a test, the drop test. It’s between Iphone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2 the two hot smart phones in the market. Now you will be exited who is the winner. So watch ... Continue Reading →

Dual-core A5 chip makes iPad work faster.

The techno world is buzzing with frenzied news of Ipad2-it looks, performance and upgrade applications. But the standout improvement everyone is talking about is the new A5 dual core ... Continue Reading →