Make your computer noise free.

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Mac DVD Ripper Pro: a pro DVD ripper for Mac.

Ever gone through the hassle of dealing with a scratched, broken or corrupted DVD? You can make sure you never have to again. The Mac DVD Ripper Pro (MDRP) is a program designed specifically ... Continue Reading →

Taking to the Web to Combat Autism.

A revolutionary online therapy program has been designed for the intent of helping children cope with their autistic challenges.  Years of research has proved that identifying and ... Continue Reading →

Tell Microsoft about pirated copy and win a free Genuine Windows 7.

Microsoft is going one step ahead to counter counterfeit/pirated software’s of its global software’s in spreading out to public. It has already been heard that they have tied up ... Continue Reading →

Video Tut: How to recall email from Outlook.

In this video tutorial I will explain how you can recall a send email from Outlook. At times it happens that we send out an email which shouldn’t reach to recipients or you have ... Continue Reading →

Video tut: How to back up your Windows 7.

Backing up sensitive data from our computer is very important since if something happens to our computer like a hardware failure, HDD failure can result in great problem and then data ... Continue Reading →

Digicam Photo Recovery: Recover your deleted photos from cameras.

Many of us own a digital camera and now it has become something which is common with all. Sometimes it happens that you accidentally delete a photo or two which you might have not ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S3 to get Long-Range wireless charging tech.

Battery life is one of the most annoying problems in modern high-end phones – even the 1800-2000 MHz batteries last for about a day only, and we users want our phones to stay powered ... Continue Reading →

Windows 8: The Metro, Charms, Apps and More.

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s attempt at creating it’s own innovative interface. Just as the iPhone and iPad have revolutionized the way people use technology, the Metro is taking a ... Continue Reading →

Yahoo Sues Facebook over Patent Infringement.

Major patent litigation has hit the social media scene; Yahoo filed a legal suit against Facebook on March 19th in San Jose, California. While patent litigation has been increasing ... Continue Reading →