Tos-dr: Learn Real Matter Behind Terms of Service.

When have you gone through terms and service recently you signed up for a web service no matter it’s a social network, email service, forum, blog etc.? Well I am sure that your answer ... Continue Reading →

SkyDrive: Updated, Innovated and Improved Interface.

In a previous post we have mentioned about Microsoft’s ,New email service from Microsoft which will rebrand the present Hotmail and Live mail. We have also mentioned about ... Continue Reading →

Magnetic Tape and Tape Drive Storages.

Although in this high-speed data and internet age, it seems an outdated technology of the past, magnetic tape and magnetic storage devices still have many uses that can benefit businesses ... Continue Reading →

Mozilla Firefox crosses 3 Billion Add-ons downloads.

Mozilla Firefox has reached yet another milestone. Firefox add on download has crossed a whopping 3 Billion (3,000,000,000!) mark and still counting. This is something very remarkable ... Continue Reading →

Google Plus: Create vanity URL for your page and profile.

As expected Google has started rolling out vanity URL for Google Plus pages and profiles. This means that now we can customize and change Google+ profile URL which at present is quite ... Continue Reading →

Quick tip: How to exclude certain file or extension from Security Essential.

As you are aware Security Essential is free antivirus program from Microsoft for its Windows users worldwide, even though it’s free it is as powerful as any premium antivirus product. ... Continue Reading →

Office 2013: How to insert YouTube videos to Word and Powerpoint 2013.

Microsoft has added many new features and functionalities to its new Office 2013 suit and one among them is the option to add/embed online videos right inside Word 2013 and Powerpoint ... Continue Reading →

Tech news: Google switch over to new favicon.

Google has changed its favicon, new favicon is all blue. A question which comes into mind is why tech giants are running behind color blue, Microsoft has changed over to blue like Windows ... Continue Reading →

Facebook: Give an extra protection and privacy to your photos.

McAfee will very soon release McAfee Social Protection app for Facebook users which will give users an extra protection for their Facebook photos. You can customize all your photos ... Continue Reading →

Quick tip: How to delete a blogger blog.

Blogger offers any user with a Google account opportunity to create multiple blogs under a single account. This is a handy option since we only need to maintain a single Google account ... Continue Reading →