How to use new Rupee Symbol

The Indian national currency Indian National Rupee (INR) has got now it’s much waited symbol. This post explains you where to down it and how you can use this symbol in your favourite ... Continue Reading →

Penetration Testing and CEH

Penetration testing involves performing various reconnaissance scans against your perimeter defenses, boundary routers, firewalls, switches, network devices, servers,and workstations ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Expression 4

Microsoft has released Microsoft Expression studio 4 ultimate with a lot of cool features. Overview: Microsoft Expression Studio is a suite of tools for designing and building web ... Continue Reading →

Opera 10.60

Opera 10.60 Opera has released its latest fasted browser opera 10.60, this will have a tough competitions with Mozilla Firefox 4 (beta).The most signifying factor about the opera ... Continue Reading →

Uninstall Windows 7 service pack 1

You might have recently installed service pack for your new Windows 7 operating system. But only after that you might have realised that there are some things which you really don’t ... Continue Reading →

Russian Sesmic Test & Endangered Species

Governments urge Russia to suspend seismic testing that could harm one of world’s most endangered whales © IFAW – / R. Sobol The western gray whale population ... Continue Reading →

Firefox 4

Mozilla has released new Firefox 4 (beta). The Firefox 4 Beta includes the Feedback Add-on which includes you in user studies. No data will be sent to Mozilla without your permission. New ... Continue Reading →

Remove PDF Restrictions

We may lot of time face this situation that we urgently need a pdf file and we do download it from the site and then we realize that we need to do a modification on the file ,and we ... Continue Reading →

Summer in Gulf

Summer has started in Gulf, and it’s most sizzling and most probably may end up most hot summer season in the century. Report for the geo physical departments in Saudi Arabia has ... Continue Reading →

Portable software

Let’s do a brief look on Portable software. What are portable software’s? Well these are software’s which are said to be portable means you copy in any media and run it without ... Continue Reading →