Free Webhost for Beginners

Building personal website for beginners is now easy; there are lots of hosts which help you to build your own website. There is a lot of ad free service which allows you host completely ... Continue Reading →

Boost your memory with Readyboost for Vista and Windows 7

Ready boost speeds up your PC by using external storage like USB Flash drives and Flash memory cards. This feature curbs the need of additional RAM (memory modules) to be added up ... Continue Reading →

Thomas Beatie-the Man give birth to his third child

Transgendered American Thomas Beatie, widely known for becoming the world”s first ‘pregnant man’, has now given birth to his third child Melbourne on 3rd August. According ... Continue Reading →

Affordable Smart Phones in Indian Markets

Owning a smart phone has been big mans only concern some years before or can say some month’s before. But now situation has changed drastically and more and more companies are into ... Continue Reading →

Visa CodeSure card

It looks like a normal credit card at first look but this card comes with a keyboard which embedded in card. This is with concerns to recent credit card frauds which has taken place ... Continue Reading →

EnCoRe- Manage your social network.

 EnCoRe project, a research collaboration among social, legal, technical, and economic experts from institutions like the London School of Economics, the universities of Warwick ... Continue Reading →

New Ten Rupee Coin

A proposed new 10 rupee coin which may come in future. The new Ten rupee coin has the newly released and approved Rupee symbol and with a blend of two metals that is steel alloy (special ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft releases Office Web Apps

Microsoft has launched its much awaited Office Web Apps .So now you can use your favorite word, Excel, PowerPoint and many more online. Microsoft Office Web Apps are convenient online ... Continue Reading →

Recover Logical & Physical Hard drive Lost Data

DiskGetor data recovery is best format data recovery software , recover lost data from formatted hard drive, formatted partition, formatted usb, formatted card,flash drive,memory card,sd ... Continue Reading →

UAE to Suspend Blackberry service for Oct-2010.

UAE telecommunication regulatory authority (TRA) has announced that it going to suspend the Blackberry services from coming October 2010 on failure being in line with guideline and ... Continue Reading →