Infographic: Facebook still no1, Google Plus sinking.

The latest survey conducted by Comscore reveals the truth about user engagement on different popular social networks. The shocking news is that Google Plus which was much anticipated ... Continue Reading →

Sheepish: Protect your privacy on Google Chrome.

You may be aware that certain websites tracks your activity when you are online to direct specific advertisements and many more. Sometimes it can act against your privacy. Sheepish ... Continue Reading →

3 Reasons Why You Should Own a Blog.

Having a blog should be a priority in the world we live today, and if there is anything I will recommend that everybody become, it will be a blogger. Before I started my medifast and ... Continue Reading →

Sixth Sense Technology: future seems perfect.

In this I would like to share a brilliant video on Sixth Sense technology by Pranav Mistry on TED. In this video he explains about Sixth sense technology where he brings our physical ... Continue Reading →

Create a free website, free .IN domain name and hosting.

This is brilliant opportunity for people in India to create free website, yes you heard it right you can create a free website with free .IN domain name, free hosting from Hostgator. ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft predicts the future next.

Below is incredible video on Microsoft’s concept/vision of what’s coming or expected to come in next future. If you see this video full most of things may be little hard to digest ... Continue Reading →

Iphone 4S: Improvements and new features.

Iphone new version: Iphone 4S is now available for public and from the initial reviews it has been noted that it’s already a hit and hot. Iphone 4S can be surely called as an improved ... Continue Reading →

Apple launches iCloud, tougher times for Androids.

It would tougher time for Apple competitors now since Apple Inc has finally launched their much awaited cloud service: Apple Cloud. Apple cloud is service by which users can automatically ... Continue Reading →

APPLE ex CEO/Founder Steve Jobs passes away. (1955-2011)

APPLE ex CEO/one of the Founder Mr. Steve Jobs passes away at the age of 56.  Steve quit APPLE CEO Post due to his deteriorating health condition six months ago.  As he himself ... Continue Reading →

INFOGRAPH: Cell phone missing or lost? You are not alone.

Cell phones are integral part of our life and for most of us we can’t think day without them. In US percentage of cell[hone users is 96% of total population. When you misplace a ... Continue Reading →