JPEGmini: Optimize your photos and images.

When you take a snap with your digi cam you might have noticed that the image sizes are normally very large. Well the sizes are on a trend of increase since cams are coming with more ... Continue Reading →

Techdunes: We have moved to responsive design.

We have changed our blog theme to “responsive”, Responsive web design is quite a new concept yet many bloggers and webmasters are now considering this very seriously. What is Responsive ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Surface: competitor for Ipad on the way.

Even though Microsoft is number one when it comes to software’s and operating system, it has not been so good for them when it’s hardware like computers, smartphones or tabs. We ... Continue Reading →

Google Drive: what can we expect?

The next biggest buzz in Google is the expected release of Google Drives, and there are already a great number of news and updates happening in the tech world regarding the same. In ... Continue Reading →

Keeping Messages Private with the iPhone Black SMS App.

iPhone releases a new and exciting app in the form of the Black SMS. This is an app that helps you to keep SMS conversations hidden till you are ready to read them.  The idea behind ... Continue Reading →

Tell Microsoft about pirated copy and win a free Genuine Windows 7.

Microsoft is going one step ahead to counter counterfeit/pirated software’s of its global software’s in spreading out to public. It has already been heard that they have tied up ... Continue Reading →

Yahoo Sues Facebook over Patent Infringement.

Major patent litigation has hit the social media scene; Yahoo filed a legal suit against Facebook on March 19th in San Jose, California. While patent litigation has been increasing ... Continue Reading →

Nokia PureView 808 with 41 Megapixels ‘The Super Camera’

Nokia has come out with its latest smartphone megapixel camera that gives even the best megapixel cameras a run for their money. The Smartphone PureView 808 is one of its kind encompassing ... Continue Reading →