A look around different Windows 7 versions.

Windows 7 is already a hit and it’s not secret news. It has been hugely popular and has brought back all the glory back to Microsoft. Now we can go for the upgrade from our pretty ... Continue Reading →

Google Nexus S, the latest phone from Google.

Google has introduced Nexus S series which is the latest in the Nexus series. Google claims Nexus S is first smart phone to use Gingerbread which is said to be the fastest version ... Continue Reading →

Viber an alternative to Skype for Iphone users.

If you are looking for good alternative for Skype then you can check out Viber, Viber is a new VOIP service at present for Iphone only (Android under construction). This is a free ... Continue Reading →

Google plans to open its App store soon.

Well we can wait up to Dec 7 when Google something great about Chrome. Unofficial news is that Google may soon and pretty soon probably next week would launch its official Chrome app ... Continue Reading →

LimeWire to completely close its operations by Jan 2011.

After a court injunction on its services it was inevitable that shut down could be avoided. They have made it official that by beginning of Jan 2011 there would be complete shutdown ... Continue Reading →

How to reduce photo/image size for web uploads with FileMinimizer Pictures 3.0 freeware.

We use images and photos everywhere nowadays on web, may it be our social network, sending  photos to our colleges through email, add on photo sharing sites like flicker, picassa ... Continue Reading →

A pictorial history of Facebook.

The following video shows you a little bit facts and history about Facebook. Thanks to my unknown friend who send me this as a mail. 🙂 Continue Reading →

Real time file share with Gett.

Gett is a file share with a little bit difference from the traditional ones. With get you can share any files instantly, this means there no browse, upload and wait time issues. Also ... Continue Reading →

WordPress 3.0.2 released for public, Upgrade now to keep your WordPress blog secure and up to date.

WordPress has released its next stable version –Wordpress 3.0.2 for the public. So it’s high time for bloggers to upgrade your blog. This is very important because older versions ... Continue Reading →

How to access the developer mode in Internet Explorer 9 beta.

If you have tried new Internet Explorer 9 Beta I would say you would have loved it. Really Microsoft has come a long way from Internet Explorer 6 to IE 9. The major differences you ... Continue Reading →