eHow to set Facebook login mandatory.

Information/article website eHow is to make Facebook login as mandatory for all its users starting from February.  This means that only users with a Facebook account will be able ... Continue Reading →

Facebook’s top 10 apps.

As you all know Facebook is hit, and it has gained this mainly due to its partner apps. Following are the list of Facebook’s 10 ten apps. Top 10 hot apps: 1.       CityVille: ... Continue Reading →

Angry bird coming to Android.

If you are gaming geek on Iphone and you have played the best recently you might not have missed Angry Bird. Angry Bird has been a huge hit since its release for Iphone users. Angry ... Continue Reading →

Creating Facebook pages are now even simpler.

If you have created Facebook page earlier then you would have realized its not so easy task. Well Facebook now has made it simpler to create pages. Even for people who aren’t very ... Continue Reading →

Windows 7 deployment on plans? Watch official Microsoft Webcast.

The biggest pressure on System Admins for the period is of the migration of their corporate IT infrastructure to Windows 7 environment. Well after the confirmation from the whole world ... Continue Reading →

Best IPAD apps you don’t want to miss.

As Apple IPAD is hit, more and more demands for good apps increases. In this post I will explain about some of the great apps which you don’t want to miss. I have put this list pretty ... Continue Reading →

Block Windows 7 service pack downloads from Windows update.

If you company has migrated to Window 7 or at home and genuine. Windows update will automatically download Service pack 1. Well sometimes you don’t want that to happen. May a corporate ... Continue Reading →

Best alternative for Microsoft office – Libreoffice.

Microsoft office is worlds used office suit software. Since beginning it’s a success. Well the biggest reason for this the simple fact that there hasn’t been an alternative for ... Continue Reading →

Install WordPress on Microsoft.

It’s a known fact that WordPress is one of most blogging platform.  The biggest hassle all those who use WordPress has been its little discomfort when hosted on Windows Based Hosting. ... Continue Reading →

Facebook tightens security with HTTPS.

As Facebook’s popularity increase so increases the chance it being more targeted by bad people and Ha*k*r’s. But Facebook has always tried hard to keep its resources secure.  As ... Continue Reading →