SAGA-220, India’s fastest Super computer.

India has built its fastest ever Super computer, SAGA-220. Indian Space Research organization (ISRO) has achieved this remarkable milestone. SAGA-220 will be India’s fastest ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Fix for PowerPoint 2003 crash problem.

If you are using Office 2003, and if you installing Microsoft updates properly you might have faced couple of issues on Powerpoint. Commonly seen symptoms are Powerpoint crashes/hangs ... Continue Reading →

The legend leaves – N R Narayana Murthy

The legend leaves, N R Narayana Murthy the man behind Infosys is leaving. For the last 30 years he was like all in one for Infosys. Not just that, he leaving behind an empire which ... Continue Reading →

Download VLC skins for your VLC Player.

VLC is one of the famous and favorite media players of many people around the world. Well VLC has got this position not just like that; first remarkable thing about VLC is it’s completely ... Continue Reading →

Facebook like celebrates 1st birthday.

It has been a year now; it was a year before when Facebook introduced Facebook Like. And now it has become an unavoidable thing for any website. On F8 conference Facebook last year ... Continue Reading →

Apple logo’s through different generations.

Apple INC was formed way back in 1976. From there it has grown such huge that company has changed many of its style and introduced world different technologies which many have imitated ... Continue Reading →

Gmail labels now will shorter.

Gmail has added a little change to its Labels feature. Now handling longer labels will be easier. Long labels are always a tough affair when it comes to editing. Now you can add and ... Continue Reading →

Manage your passwords with 1password on all devices.

In one of my previous post I have mentioned about Keepass which is good password manager, well in this post I will explain about another but it bit more good since its compatible with ... Continue Reading →

ITunes breaks record with above $14 Billion in revenue.

ITunes has touched record breaking revenue which reached $ 14 Billion this week. This adds a great power for Apple as this can power their plans. ITunes has changed significantly for ... Continue Reading →

Share local host files on internet on Linux with

Showoff is a web service by you can access local host files on internet. What Showoff does is that it creates a public URL for a server on localhost; you can then share with anyone. ... Continue Reading →