Facebook: Direct Email to Report Phishing Complains.

Facebook has launched a direct contact email (phish[at]fb.com) for its users to report phishing attempts against its users. When you send an email with your evidence Facebook will ... Continue Reading →

Google Plus: Create vanity URL for your page and profile.

As expected Google has started rolling out vanity URL for Google Plus pages and profiles. This means that now we can customize and change Google+ profile URL which at present is quite ... Continue Reading →

Facebook: Give an extra protection and privacy to your photos.

McAfee will very soon release McAfee Social Protection app for Facebook users which will give users an extra protection for their Facebook photos. You can customize all your photos ... Continue Reading →

How Facebook can help promote your Brand.

So you’ve built a popular blog with a loyal fan base. You publish regular articles, pay attention to proper keyword usage and have a good idea of what Search Engine Optimisation ... Continue Reading →

Infograph: Facebook interprets your love life?

The below Infograph shows what Facebook knows about our love life? Well it won’t be surprising that if one day Facebook reveal information about your life and relationships. And ... Continue Reading →

Wubb: social community for entrepreneurs and more.

Social entrepreneurs from anywhere in the World can communicate with one another with the help of  Wubb. You can learn about what others are doing and develop networks and partners ... Continue Reading →

Socl: Microsoft brings the social search.

Microsoft has launched So.cl which combines social networking and search which will help people find and share interesting web pages in the way students do when they work together. ... Continue Reading →

Pinterest: Learn more and get a free invite.

Pinterest is one of hottest social network which is making big news around the tech world; it has got such hugely popular in a very short time. In one of my earlier article I have ... Continue Reading →

Facebook rolls out Facebook Timeline for brand pages.

The biggest news from the social network kings – Facebook is that timeline for Facebook Pages are now being rolled out. Facebook timeline gives a new fresh look to the pages and ... Continue Reading →

Zurker: New social network in town, Get a free invite.

This is the age of social networks, recently I stumbled upon a new comer in this race: Zurker. But what made me interested in Zurker is that it looks quite simple (at least at present) ... Continue Reading →