Protect your important folder with Protect me!

Would you like password protect your confidential folders? Well it’s a fact that nowadays we have lots of data and information which we don’t want anybody to access. Even if you ... Continue Reading →

Windows 7 Enterprise Demo for testers.

Would you like to test the new Windows 7 before going to full install. Well now Microsoft lets you do this exactly the same.  With the Windows 7 Enterprise edition which is gives ... Continue Reading →

Simple command line trick to find out your computer serial number.

Sometimes we get into a situation where we need our computer serial number. But usually these serials are printed on the cpu/back side of our laptop. There are chances that it gets ... Continue Reading →

Check for duplicate contents of your website.

Plagiarism (illegal copying of somebody’s content without permission) is big problem for webmasters. You don’t know when your content is copied and used illegally without your ... Continue Reading →

How to check you website status, is it up or down?

As a blogger I have come across many occasions when I experience that my website is down. The sad thing is sometimes we may not notice it till we check it and then realize that something ... Continue Reading →

Facebook’s “Remote logout Facility” to enhance security.

Facebook is consistently improving their features when it comes to its user security and privacy. A lot of security addition has been added recently which will make online users more ... Continue Reading →

Facebook Chat to be smooth soon.

We would all agree that Facebook chat is an instant hit. We use chat with friends and members. But with this it’s a known fact that there are a lot of issues which users report about ... Continue Reading →

Symantec acquires VeriSign

Symantec has acquired VeriSign a web security provider company from Mountain View, CA, USA.Symantec announced this to press on 9th Aug 2010.VeriSign provides many services like Digital ... Continue Reading →

McAfee acquired by Intel.

McAfee to be now part of Intel corporation, they have come under agreement with a approximate amount of  7.68 Billion US dollars. Also to mention that BOD’s (Board of Directors) ... Continue Reading →

Facebook to combat Trolling and other abuse with “ClickCEOP”

Facebook (London) has promised to public that it would design a new security measure to curb and stop abuse of stranger’s online and bullying instances. Engineers at Facebook are ... Continue Reading →