Critical update for Internet Explorer available for download.

Microsoft has announced in their Security Bulletin MS11-050 – Critical update is available for Internet Explorer all versions.As per the report Microsoft explains this critical update ... Continue Reading →

Disable Facebook new photo recognition feature.

Facebook always says something and reality turns different. When it comes to user privacy it has been always seen that Facebook takes it granted and turns any new features to enable ... Continue Reading →

Superfast online scanner from Bit Defender –Quick Online Scanner.

Bid defender has now come up with a brilliant online scanner – Quick Online Scanner and if you ask what’s so great in that, its lightning fast. It’s said that scanning takes ... Continue Reading →

Technological Advances in Home Security

With advances in modern technology, homeowners are no longer limited to simple mechanical door locks that can be easily compromised. A variety of new and relatively affordable access ... Continue Reading →

Check any suspicious links with Onlinelinkscan.

Since we are all so much engaged on internet in different ways, may it be our email, reading any blogs, engaging on social networks, downloading movies, songs, or software’s, using ... Continue Reading →

Dropbox recent concerns and confusions.

If you ask people around name one service which they really liked recently over internet world then one among them would be Dropbox. Dropbox is online storage with a difference where ... Continue Reading →

Crypto – impressive file protection freeware.

Crypto is a freeware file encrypter/decrypter. Its freeware security software by which you can protect your confidential data. Some thing which makes Crypto great is its simple and ... Continue Reading →

Video: Think before you post anything on facebook.

We are living in an age of social network and its something now most of the people cannot live without. But as it’s grown big complexities and problems have also come out.One such ... Continue Reading →

Add extra security to pc with Microsoft Safety Scanner.

Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free security tool from Microsoft which can provide an add-on security for your pc. It’s not antivirus software so it can’t take the role of that. ... Continue Reading →

Find all files hidden by infection on USB drives with USB Show.

USB storages are prone to virus/malware infections.  And it’s common that once infected most probably lots of files undergoes changes in file attributes and mostly its seen that ... Continue Reading →