Reserve Bank warns public about Online Lottery Scams

Reserve Bank of India –RBI has issued in for public awareness of the threat of deceiving of public and exploits .Some simple common sense will make you aware that what a blunder ... Continue Reading →

Adobe launching Adobe Museum of Digital Media (AMDM) this August 2010

Adobe on September 2010 launching The Adobe Museum of Digital Media (AMDM).AMDM is unique virtual space to preserve and showcase ground breaking digital work; and also its influence ... Continue Reading →

Remove Windows 7 from Multiboot

I have purchased my laptop last year in 2009; it came with Windows Vista Business. Now using Vista was horrible for me, I din not like Vista at all, now last month I brought new Windows ... Continue Reading →

WordPress version 3.0.1 downloads completes 11 million milestones!

After its release before 49 days WordPress new version 3.0.1 has completed 11 million downloads. With lot of bug fixes of its previous version 3.0 it has enhanced the user experience. ... Continue Reading →

Gmail now supports drag and drop of attachments in Google Chrome

Google has added the feature in its Gmail for its Google chrome web browser users. Now users can drag and drop the attachment form Gmail directly to your pc. Previously Gmail have ... Continue Reading →

Send large file for free with

In our work or at home sending files to our friends, colleges sometimes become a big hassle because normally all email providers allows you a limited amount of space when it comes ... Continue Reading →

Why Blackberry is going to be banned in UAE.

Blackberry services will be suspended by Oct 2010 in UAE, This is hot news all over UAE, estimated 500,000 users are using Blackberry services and mostly the high class hi profile ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S: Hyper Definition Super AMOLED screen for unmatched brilliance and color

Samsung Galaxy S: Hyper Definition Super AMOLED screen for unmatched brilliance and colour – Enjoy the best viewing experience with the 4” Hyper Definition Super AMOLED screen. ... Continue Reading →

Free Webhost for Beginners

Building personal website for beginners is now easy; there are lots of hosts which help you to build your own website. There is a lot of ad free service which allows you host completely ... Continue Reading →

Boost your memory with Readyboost for Vista and Windows 7

Ready boost speeds up your PC by using external storage like USB Flash drives and Flash memory cards. This feature curbs the need of additional RAM (memory modules) to be added up ... Continue Reading →