Social Media Plugins for Your WordPress

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Meetup –Create your meetup in different Cities around the world.

An online social network community/portal to organize or create meets up points around the world that is what gives you. Meetup allows people or group with common interest ... Continue Reading →

Best Apps for your Samsung Galaxy S

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Test Drive soon releasing Internet Explorer 9 with Preview Browser.

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How to remove Windows 7 Service pack 1(SP1) Beta.

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Record your Windows 7 problems with PSR (Problem Steps Recorder)

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How to insert adsense ad on the first WordPress Page.

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Facebook to combat Trolling and other abuse with “ClickCEOP”

Facebook (London) has promised to public that it would design a new security measure to curb and stop abuse of stranger’s online and bullying instances. Engineers at Facebook are ... Continue Reading →

PhoneAble app – Manage Iphone in any Multiple Windows Machine.

Matthew Allen has developed a free PhoneAble Windows app which can be used by Iphone users to manage their device from any Windows Machine. The trick behind this app is changing the ... Continue Reading →

Google completes full acquisition of to refuel wwf.

Google announces the completion of acquisition of website company, this is their next step is so called wwf (War with Face book).Google has aquierd the site for $ 182 million ... Continue Reading →