ShortcutsMan: Find, Edit, Delete Broken Shortcuts In Windows.

While using our computer we have habit of creating many shortcuts so that it is very easy for us to open a particular program or application very soon. Most of software while installing ... Continue Reading →

Infograph: Things To Know For Students And Professionals.

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jelly bean

Jelly Bean: An Awestruck Operating System of Android.

Jelly Bean:These days, the operating system that exists in smart phones and tablets varies in different forms and out of those operating systems Android is gaining much popularity ... Continue Reading →

Black Menu: All Your Google Service At One Place On Chrome Browser.

Black Menu is Google Chrome extension which will help you to access all your Google Services at one place.  This extension can be a replacement for iGoogle. Black menu has an extensive ... Continue Reading →

News: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Launching Soon.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini would be new effort from Samsung electronics to come back on track in smartphone race. Present scenario is not so overwhelming for Samsung with its recent defeat ... Continue Reading →

New Nokia Lumia 920 Ad Making Fun Of IPhone 5.

New Nokia Lumia 920 ad is now viral on YouTube which is criticizing Apple IPhone. Before it was Samsung which made fun of IPhone 5 by doing a comparative study of features one by one ... Continue Reading →

Google Data Center: Your Data And Security.

Below video shows where all your data resides in Google, How Google maintain its Data center security. Hope you will this video. Google Data Center Video:   Do comment and don’t ... Continue Reading →

ReadyCase: Multipurpose Iphone Case.

Iphone 5 is already out in the market and if you are a fan of it and do possess one then this post is exclusive for you. Introducing ReadyCase a multipurpose and multiuse Iphone 5 ... Continue Reading →

5 Must Have Best WordPress Security Plugins.

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