Android: Download Adobe Flash Player now available.

If flash player was something which was lacking in Android devices now the good news is that you can download/install official Flash Player app from Adobe.With the flash player installed ... Continue Reading →

Google Consumer Surveys: a new way to earn online.

Google is giving webmaster another opportunity to earn online, the working of Google surveys are simple. If you are a brand owner or someone who needs to promote any brand or service ... Continue Reading →

LTE Windows Smartphones to Launch on 8 April.

LTE Windows Phones Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II will officially release on 8th April. The Lumia 900 is Nokia’s third smartphone released in the U.S. since it’s partnership ... Continue Reading →

Mac DVD Ripper Pro: a pro DVD ripper for Mac.

Ever gone through the hassle of dealing with a scratched, broken or corrupted DVD? You can make sure you never have to again. The Mac DVD Ripper Pro (MDRP) is a program designed specifically ... Continue Reading →

Taking to the Web to Combat Autism.

A revolutionary online therapy program has been designed for the intent of helping children cope with their autistic challenges.  Years of research has proved that identifying and ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S3 to get Long-Range wireless charging tech.

Battery life is one of the most annoying problems in modern high-end phones – even the 1800-2000 MHz batteries last for about a day only, and we users want our phones to stay powered ... Continue Reading →

Windows 8: The Metro, Charms, Apps and More.

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s attempt at creating it’s own innovative interface. Just as the iPhone and iPad have revolutionized the way people use technology, the Metro is taking a ... Continue Reading →

Mac Users Read On: Quick Fix for Hash Mismatch Error.

When downloading apps from the Mac App Store you may often come across an error message stating “Hash Mismatch.”  You can get around this by following these simple steps: Close ... Continue Reading →

Download VLC player for Android.

VLC Media Player is a multi-platform player that supports almost all audio and video formats. Unlike other software, it doesn’t require you to download codecs to support extra formats ... Continue Reading →

Windows 8: A complete reference guide.

The new Windows 8 edition is far from finished but the Consumer Preview edition is already out and packed with exciting additions from a visually dynamic interface to a polished Explorer ... Continue Reading →