Universal Extractor: the universal file extraction tool.

Universal Extractor is a light and freeware application which can be used for decompressing and extracting files from any type of archive or installer such as an EXE file, ZIP file, ... Continue Reading →

Free ISO Burner: Portable and light freeware for burning ISO.

If you are someone who is frequent downloaders of software’s and application from internet you might have come across ISO images. ISO images are ready of burn images. It’s an archive ... Continue Reading →

Information: Top ranked Torrent Sites of 2012.

We are presenting the list of the worlds most viewed Bit Torrent sites. In 2012, most visitors viewed Pirate Bay but six year old TV –torrent distribution group EZTV listed 8th rank. ... Continue Reading →

Infograph: Facebook interprets your love life?

The below Infograph shows what Facebook knows about our love life? Well it won’t be surprising that if one day Facebook reveal information about your life and relationships. And ... Continue Reading →

Youtube: a low and lightweight version.

If you are regularly visiting Youtube for watching your favorite videos you might have come up on situations where you had wait in between videos for the streaming/downloading. Well ... Continue Reading →

JPEGmini: Optimize your photos and images.

When you take a snap with your digi cam you might have noticed that the image sizes are normally very large. Well the sizes are on a trend of increase since cams are coming with more ... Continue Reading →

Rolosoft: Check if an email id fake or real.

Many times you might have received emails from unknown people and you are not very sure about the sender yet email looks genuine. Now sometimes there are chances that these mails are ... Continue Reading →

Techdunes: We have moved to responsive design.

We have changed our blog theme to “responsive”, Responsive web design is quite a new concept yet many bloggers and webmasters are now considering this very seriously. What is Responsive ... Continue Reading →

Wubb: social community for entrepreneurs and more.

Social entrepreneurs from anywhere in the World can communicate with one another with the help of  Wubb. You can learn about what others are doing and develop networks and partners ... Continue Reading →

Alternative Options for iPhone Screen Repair.

A trip to your “Genius Bar” is like falling in line for the entrance of a rock band concert—the people may not be as many but the waiting can be as long and tedious. The exaggeration ... Continue Reading →