Tech news: Google switch over to new favicon.

Google has changed its favicon, new favicon is all blue. A question which comes into mind is why tech giants are running behind color blue, Microsoft has changed over to blue like Windows ... Continue Reading →

Quick tip: How to delete a blogger blog.

Blogger offers any user with a Google account opportunity to create multiple blogs under a single account. This is a handy option since we only need to maintain a single Google account ... Continue Reading →

Infograph: Apps and your personal information.

In a recent article we have shared with you an Infograph which tells you about “What internet knows about you”.This article, we present before you Info graph which shows what all ... Continue Reading →

BoxCryptor: Encrypt and protect your cloud storage.

Cloud storage is becoming very common among users with players like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and many more in line. We have mentioned about these in couple of our previous articles ... Continue Reading →

Infograph: Learn what internet know about you.

Ever thought when you share something online what happens? Where does these information go? Is it getting stored or saved somewhere? Well the truth is most of the internet users do ... Continue Reading →

Curiosity is the biggest robot we’ve ever sent to Mars.

After its launch on November 26, 2011, NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity, touched down on the Red Sands of Earth’s closest planetary neighbor. As the largest rover ever sent to the ... Continue Reading →

India: Verify a currency note counterfeit or real.

India’s ace bank, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has started a new online initiative which will help people in identifying fake or counterfeit notes.Paisaboltahai is a website issued ... Continue Reading →

Office 2013: Send your feedback or issues to Microsoft.

Office 2013 is in its initial stage or preview stage, and Microsoft has already allowed its users world over to try it out with the release of Office 2013 preview suite. Microsoft ... Continue Reading →

Rafflecopter: Create great Give aways for your blog.

Attracting visitors for sure is the biggest aim of any blogger. We use multiple ways to do the same like for example we will try to share our articles on social network; we will create ... Continue Reading →

Backup Opera with Opera Backup Professional

We users are always scared about our files and data getting accidently deleted, destroyed or corrupted. To avoid such situation we should always use backup our data and files. We can ... Continue Reading →