Recycle your old mobile handsets and get paid also think about environment:

Mobile phones are integral part of our life. There won’t be many who don’t have a mobile phone. Also it’s the area where technology keeps on updating. But what will do with those ... Continue Reading →

Its time for Greener Technology

We are living in modern age of technology and we have reached a situation where we can hardly live with out it .Like electricity, telephone, mobiles or our pc or internet. Can any ... Continue Reading →

Global Warming “Undeniable,” U.S. Government Report Says

“Global warming is undeniable,” and it’s happening fast, a new U.S. government report says. An in-depth analysis of ten climate indicators all point to a marked warming ... Continue Reading →

Russian Sesmic Test & Endangered Species

Governments urge Russia to suspend seismic testing that could harm one of world’s most endangered whales © IFAW – / R. Sobol The western gray whale population ... Continue Reading →

Summer in Gulf

Summer has started in Gulf, and it’s most sizzling and most probably may end up most hot summer season in the century. Report for the geo physical departments in Saudi Arabia has ... Continue Reading →