Recover Logical & Physical Hard drive Lost Data

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UAE to Suspend Blackberry service for Oct-2010.

UAE telecommunication regulatory authority (TRA) has announced that it going to suspend the Blackberry services from coming October 2010 on failure being in line with guideline and ... Continue Reading →

WordPress Ends support for PHP 4 & My SQL 4 soon

WordPress has announced this with its latest release of their new version WordPress 3.0.1 that WordPress 3.1 would be last version which is scheduled to be release by late 2010 which ... Continue Reading →

Sony Play station games for free

The hottest offer ever downloads and play more than 5 Sony playstation games for free with this offer. For more information watch the video in the post and do comment if it had helped ... Continue Reading →

Removing Win32 Virus from your PC

Believe it or not, computers have become inseparable parts of our lives. Whether it is personal or professional usage, we all need them to execute things in a perfect way, the very ... Continue Reading →

Global Warming “Undeniable,” U.S. Government Report Says

“Global warming is undeniable,” and it’s happening fast, a new U.S. government report says. An in-depth analysis of ten climate indicators all point to a marked warming ... Continue Reading →

Diagnose and Fix Faulty Audio Drivers

Many people have problems with their computer’s audio from time to time. In fact, some even lose audio completely. In some cases the cause of such a problem is as simple as hardware ... Continue Reading →

Switch back to Old Google Images Layout.

I have posted about the new Google images launch by Google and the people response. Good news is that Google has not altogether removed the old feature, wow nice news and actually ... Continue Reading →

Update the Drivers on Your Computer

Does it seem as if your PC is not working as well after you have installed new software on it? If so, then one, and possibly many of the drivers on your computer is not updated. This ... Continue Reading →

Google Images new layout

Google has unveiled new style of its Google Images, but sadly it has not made anyone happy. Lot people have made their concerns about it. Previous Google images were accepted by all ... Continue Reading →