6 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Digital Startups

Since the internet first became widely available in the 1990s, business owners around the world have capitalised on the latest technology to push their operations forward. Social media websites first began to appear online in the early 2000s, with Myspace becoming the first major platform to attract millions of users.

Ever since then, social networks have fast become a fantastic tool for digital startup companies. That is the case, regardless of whether the brand provides products or services. Considering that, this article will draw the reader’s attention towards some of the best ways in which entrepreneurs should make use of domains like Facebook and Twitter today. With a bit of luck, this post should help new business owners to ensure they leave no stone unturned and use the sites to their full advantage.

Promoting new products or services

It stands to reason that most business owners use their social media accounts to advertise goods and services. There are some excellent paid promotional tools available from Facebook and Twitter that enable entrepreneurs to target potential customers all over the world. In most instances, company bosses just have to conduct some market research, so they know basic information about the people they want to reach. It’s possible to target anyone based on their location, sex, age, and many other factors. New digital startups that want to get the best results should follow this process:


  • Research the target market
  • Create eye-catching advertising graphics
  • Make a small investment and assess the results
  • Refine the targeting options and try again
  • Repeat the process until reaching the desired outcome


Building a good reputation

There are many ways in which entrepreneurs can begin to build a good reputation using social network websites. For instance, some customers might use Facebook or Twitter to lodge complaints about a recent product or service. Responding to those messages on a public forum will mean other people can see the way in which the company deals with issues of that nature. Individuals who place enough emphasis on customer service could highlight their strengths to those who might choose to spend money with the brand in the future. Also, social media sites are excellent places to publish information relating to important news or awards the business might receive.


Increasing website traffic

Business owners will want to drive as much relevant traffic to their online portals as possible. That is the best way to increase conversions and boost sales levels. While lots of people will use banner advertising tools like Google Adwords, social media websites also have a role to play. Posting links on Facebook and Twitter should encourage a percentage of the audience to click address and head on over to the company’s site. As most of the individuals who “like” the social network pages will have at least some interest in the brand, conversion rates should also improve. Entrepreneurs can also publish information about deals and discounts that should encourage even more users to become inquisitive.


Checking on absent workers

There is a problem in the UK at the moment relating to absenteeism in the workplace. The situation gets some attention in the recent Peninsula’s Working Nation 2017 report and the Sickness and Absence in the Labour Market survey by the ONS. Thankfully, social media websites offer some level support to business owners who struggle with unreliable workers. It’s possible for bosses to spy on their employees by taking a look at their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. If the individual is taking advantage of the entrepreneur’s kind nature, it should become apparent. When all’s said and done, if someone is stuck in bed because they’re too ill to come to work, they shouldn’t check themselves in at the cinema or anything similar. Some folks think that’s a slightly underhand method, but new business owners can’t afford to waste money on workers who don’t pull their weight.


Researching the competition

One of the best things about social media is that almost everyone has to use it to further their business ambitions. That includes every company boss from competing firms. Some entrepreneurs spend a lot of time and money conducting competitor research to ensure they can contend with their rivals. In the past, that process might involve sending spies to the workplace to learn more about the inner workings of the operation. Those days are now firmly in the past thanks to online promotion and social networks. Anyone reading this post right now can click over to a competitor’s Facebook page and learn everything they need to know about the brand. Business owners could discover:


  • Competitors plans for the future
  • Changes in a rival’s company structure
  • Issues affecting competitors
  • New industry-related marketing methods



Sharing content instantly

Many years ago, it could take months for a company to ensure all customers and clients learn about new information and news. That might have involved paying lots of money for TV or radio ads that provide the public with details. In today’s business world, people can share content with their audiences in a matter of seconds regardless of where they might live in the world. That is fantastic because Facebook and other platforms use complicated algorithms to determine which posts get the most views and attention. The first page to share some particular information will always get more visits than the second and the third. So, being able to share content in real time means business owners stand a better chance of creating a viral post that pushes their brand to millions of new customers and clients.

With all that information in mind, it should become apparent that social media websites are a Godsend for the average entrepreneur in today’s marketplace. Sites like Facebook enable business owners to reach their most valuable customers whenever they have something interesting to say. They also make it much easier to catch someone out if they’re absent from work, but there are concerns about the individual’s excuses. So, people who made it to the bottom of this post should have no misconceptions when it comes to the commercial value of social network platforms today.



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