Digitally Protecting Your Business From Bad Guys

Nowadays, hackers can do some ridiculous things to your business if you aren’t careful.With the insane tools at their disposal and almost nothing to lose, they can inflict some serious damage to your business and, before you know it, you’ll be paying them ransom money to let your website free so you can continue doing business. If you don’t want to suffer this fate, then here are some useful tips that will help you protect your business in the digital world.


Get the Right Software

First, you need to invest in the right software. Most companies will make do with an antivirus package that is designed to be used in a business environment. This will typically scan your files, warn you of potential threats and then quarantine them if possible. If not, then it will halt your actions and guide you on the next action to take before the virus gets worse. Antiviruses can, however, be slightly intrusive. They aren’t the friendliest programs to use (especially when you consider how they scan every single file you have) and they can often pick up false positives; files they think are viruses but are actually harmless. You’ll also need to keep them up to date which can be a pain on multiple business computers. However, they’re still an invaluable tool to use.

Get the Right Firewall

The best way to stop viruses is to prevent them from happening in the first place. A firewall works by intercepting all of the data sent and received from your computer, meaning that it can halt the flow of data and limit specific programs. For instance, if an unknown program starts to send data to an unknown IP address, then you can assume it’s a virus or crack that is picking up information from your computer and attempting to send it somewhere. Firewalls can be installed relatively easily, but you can also get hardware firewalls that are placed on your network and automatically intercept and deal with bad requests.

Hire the Right Services

You can’t forget to hire the right services when trying to digitally secure your business. An alarm management system is a fantastic digital service that will allow you to keep track of every single device your business owns. While this might not seem entirely useful at the beginning, it’s incredibly important when you need to have employees work remotely or when you give them a lot of power in their handheld devices like their phones. It’s also useful for another thing that we’re going to describe below.

Learn How Hackers Get Your Information

Hackers love to use social engineering in order to get your information. They’ll approach you with random questions that seem harmless, try to email you assistance and even meet with you face-to-face if you’re that important, all in an attempt to steal your information. They may even steal your devices, which is why the alarm system is useful because it notifies you when something is out of your control. With remote features, it might be possible to shut down or even erase information off a personal device before the hackers are able to unlock your device and get the information from inside. Hackers aren’t very aggressive, but they are smart and know how to get around security measures.

Practice Proper Safety Measures

Now that you understand that hackers can appear almost anywhere, question you and then steal your data, you should be a lot more afraid of them. Luckily, they’re not very common and are usually quite easy to spot. Still, you should always practice some property safety measures, such as never leaving your device unattended or accidentally leaking information that is important to your company. Make sure your password is memorable but strong and never write it down on a piece of paper that hackers can get from your wallet or clothes.


In short, digitally protecting your business comes with a lot of considerations, so it’s important to have all of your bases covered so that you don’t feel like your company is exposed to hackers. Although they may be a crafty bunch that could do things from downloading your data to  crewing with your CCTV cameras, they’re not as common as most people think they are and they’re easily defeated with the property safety measures. Make sure your antivirus and firewall are enabled and up to date and don’t be fooled by common social engineering tricks.



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