Revealed The Greatest Tech Invention Since The Year 2000

Over the last sixteen years, there have been many advancements and inventions in the tech world. Some of which have been incredibly useful, others have been pointless and fizzled out within a year or two. Then, you have some things that have completely changed and revolutionized life as we know it.



There are plenty of things like this out there, but, I’ve narrowed it down to one tech invention in particular, and I will reveal it to you right now in this article.

The greatest tech invention in the last two decades is the smartphone. That’s right, the smartphone has come along and changed so much in modern life. It may be a small invention, but it has a huge impact. Now, I know there are many people who may want to argue against this opinion. So, I’ve come up with some key points that prove why smartphones are so great.

They’ve Rewritten Modern Communication

The birth of smartphones has seen a change in the way everyone communicates with one another. We used to call or text but now we can do so much more. Video calling is second nature to people nowadays. Smartphones allow you to video call people across the world without spending a penny. Likewise, they’ve brought about the growth of emojis in modern communication. People are using little emoticons to display feelings in their messages or social networking statuses. Smartphones have birthed instant messaging apps that keep everyone connected and also amplified social media growth too. Modern communication is now vastly improved thanks to smartphones.



They’re A Complete Business Tool

Another reason smartphones are the greatest tech invention since 2000 is because they’ve changed modern business. They’ve become a complete tool for businesses to use. As I’ve mentioned, they’ve made communication easier and quicker. But, mobile phones can now be used by businesses to do so many different things. There’s mobile credit card processing that essentially turns your phone into a card reader. This means merchants can accept card payments wherever they are. Companies can now develop apps for customers to download meaning there’s a whole new way of marketing a business. Smartphones are complete business tools, and there aren’t many devices that can do so many things all rolled into one little package.

They Give Everyone A Personal Assistant In Their Pocket

Finally, smartphones are so amazing they’re like little personal assistants for modern people. Think about it, if you ever have a query about anything, what do you do? You get your phone out, and you search for the answer. People download weather apps and check the forecasts or set reminders in their calendars. A lot of people’s lives are now reliant on their smartphones helping them out. Plus, with things like Siri we can now talk to our phones as if they are a personal assistant too. A smartphone provides you with so much daily assistance it can’t be compared to anything else.

There’s simply no other tech invention that can compare to smartphones. They combine so many different features all into one device that can be carried around in your pocket. A phenomenal piece of tech that’s still developing and getting better by the day.



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