Crucial Services to Add to Your Website Before Prettying It Up

Your website might look pretty and it might have all the information your clients need to contact and find you, but why stop there? Take a look at some popular websites such as Amazon or eBay, and noticed how they don’t just advertise their company, they also advertise their products.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. Be it a product or service, just telling your potential clients what you do and why you do it isn’t enough. You also need to set up a system to let them buy your services and products, to track their orders, to contact your support team, and most importantly, to make it easier for the customer.



Feedback and Social Media Widgets

Your products and services need feedback, and most people won’t bother sending personalised emails. Instead, they’ll tweet at you, they’ll post on your facebook, and they’ll post comments on your products and services. It doesn’t take much effort to add a comment system to your products on the internet. Javascript training classes are relatively inexpensive compared to hiring someone to do it for you.

Allow your clients and users to interact with each other in comment and feedback sections, and set up social media links so that your items can be shared on social media at the click of a button. Just make sure you have a way to manage those comments to delete spam. However, don’t delete negative feedback—if you’re caught, it could tarnish your reputation because you’re censoring comments you don’t want others to see.

Web Services

If you’ve ever logged into your Amazon account, you’ll know how convenient and easy it is to track your order history, shipping details, and contact their support. If you enjoy Amazon’s services, then why shouldn’t your website have something familiar? Allow your users and customers to create accounts and log in to your website. Let them see their order history and status so they know everything that’s going on with their purchases, and make it easy for them to contact you.

It’s vital that your customers are in the loop anytime they spend money on your services and products. Transparency is key here, so don’t give them vague messages like “your order is on the way”. Tell them it’s at the warehouse, tell them it’s on the way to the shipping depot, tell them that it’s in transit to their homes. The same counts for buying services. If your customer just bought a logo design, then give them the name of the designer who’s working on it, let them know their contact details, and give them constant updates on how it’s going.




Hackers can be incredibly scary. They can do some of the craziest things on the internet, and they’ll strike any company that they want to. While your business might not be worth hacking into, you’re a vulnerable target if you don’t take any precautions or if you have no systems in place to recover from an internet attack.

Never put your client information at risk. Have their passwords and order history encrypted, and always make sure that your website has an updated security certificate so that your customers know their information is in safe hands.


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