The Most Surprising Uses Of Technology In Healthcare

It has long been the case that technology and healthcare go hand-in-hand. This in itself is not too surprising. After all, if any industry is to benefit from advances in technology, it might as well be healthcare. That is the industry which saves and lengthens lives, after all, so it only makes sense. In recent years, there has been a dramatic shift in the ways in which technology is used in medicine and healthcare throughout the world. Some of the technology is so mind-boggling that we would not have believed it possible even a decade ago. In this post, we will take a look at some of the most surprising ways that technology has been used in the world of healthcare. Let’s take a look at some great examples.

Healthcare technology

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Administering Drugs

This is quite obviously a hugely important part of any healthcare. When there is medicine to administer, you want to ensure that it is done correctly. After all, it might mean the difference – literally between life or death. If you thought that there were only a few ways to administer drugs, you might have been mistaken. The truth is, there are now ever more interesting ways of ensuring that the medicine is delivered properly into the bloodstream. What’s more, there are different kinds of medicine which have different ways of being administered. One such example is electronic aspirin. This comes in the form of a small implant, which is inserted near the SPG nerve bundle. The patient is then given a remote control for it, so they can administer at will. This certainly looks set to pave the way for medicine in the future.

Organising Doctors

However, there are many sides to healthcare, and it is not all about the immediate care. Hospitals needs to run incredibly efficiently if they are to work properly. The logistics of organising an entire hospital of doctors and other professionals can cause any number of headaches. This in itself should be no great surprise. What might be surprising is that there is now more and more technology designed to help everyone be in the right place at the right time. With the use of the appropriate doctor scheduling software, everyone receives the proper amount of care. And that is no small feat.

Producing Organic Material

Surgery is one area in particular which tends to receive a lot of the best and newest technologies. There is one example in particular which seems to stand out significantly in regards to this. We are talking about 3D printing, of course. Using this technique, surgeons can now simply print out any bionic accoutrements they might need for their surgery. Gone are the days of waiting for an extended period of time for just the right piece of equipment. Now, doctors can map a piece directly to the contours of someone’s bone, and print it out in moments. This is surely set to make surgery an ever more precise and jaw-dropping venture. Who knows what the future will hold.


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