Ways You Can Stop Nuisance Calls To Your Mobile

We all get nuisance calls. It’s become one of those things that we have all gotten used to. You can reject their calls endlessly, and block as many numbers as possible, but they keep coming back. So, what can you do to stop getting nuisance calls to your mobile?

Be Careful About Who You Give Your Number Too

These days, whenever we buy something or sign up to anything, we get asked for our details. This is how companies can get hold of your data. If your phone number is handed over to a third party, it can be sold on at a profit, and then all kinds of companies can get hold of it. This is how it all starts, so it’s up to you to protect your data as much as you possibly can. Avoid entering your phone number on websites unless it’s absolutely necessary. And never tick the box that says the company can pass on your contact details to third parties. If you do this, and the company complies with data protection laws, your contact details won’t spread.



Find Out Who’s Calling You

You might want to find out who’s calling you before you take further action. This can be difficult to know if the callers are trying to scam you. They will pretend to be people they’re not. And their number will be hidden from your view. First of all, if you get repeat calls from one place, ask them clearly to stop contacting you. According to the law, this demand should be complied with. If that doesn’t happen, read this information on finding out who called me. When you know who’s calling, you can think about taking further action, and read on to find out about that action.

Report Them If You Think It’s Necessary

When a company is using your contact details to harass you and call endlessly, they’re breaking the law. And if they keep on calling you when you’ve asked them not to, they’re breaking the law. These days, many companies pass on and store information with no regard for data protection laws. It’s a growing problem, and there are police efforts to tackle the problem. So, if you have a particular problem with one company, report this incident and pass on all the necessary details to the authorities.

Sign Up to a Service That Registers Your Wants

There are services out there that register your phone number and your preferences for being contacted. This might not completely stop nuisance calls, but it can stop some of them. When your number recorded and your preference states that you wish not to be contacted, the calls should decrease. Of course, scammers and dodgy companies won’t take much notice of this, but it might help deter some callers. Services like the Telephone Preference Service can register you and your number, so look into this option further. Even if it stops some of those callers, it will be a step in the right direction.


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