Seven Different Ways The Internet Can Earn You Some Money

The internet has brought a whole load of new ways the companies can find customers and do business. They’re not the only ones who can make money through the internet, however. Just about anyone can make a little extra or even a substantial amount if they’re willing to put in the time. If you’re looking for ways to make money with little more than your computer, your head and an internet connection then look no further.

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Paid surveys

One of the quickest ways to start earning online is by taking paid surveys. All sorts of businesses and organizations are looking for input. Payment for surveys isn’t usually on the higher end of the scale. If you have free time, however, it can be a good way to make quick money. You can also score a lot of free goodies or vouchers as well.

Affiliates programs

Perhaps the best way to start making money through the net is by creating your own site. Your own site comes with its own costs, so it takes a bit of work and scouting to find ways to make it profitable. One of the most readily available is by finding businesses with affiliates programs available. These are programs that pay a commission for every purchase a business gains due to your site.

Sponsored content

Affiliate programs usually run on direct advertising, running as a promotion or similar calls-to-action. Sponsored content requires a bit more work from the site owner. It is often a review or a feature based on a product or service from the sponsor. Sometimes it may just be a link to their page in an existing article. Sponsored content runs in different ways. Most, depending on whether the sponsor wants advertisement or to build links to their site.


You don’t necessarily have to run your own content to make big gains online, either. One of the best things the internet has to offer is an abundance of information. One the places this matters most is in investing. Tech companies like Facebook and Google can be some of the most lucrative options. Check out FB stock and other information to see where you can start investing.

Hosting adverts

A more traditional method of advertising is hosting clickable ads directly on your site. Unlike affiliates programs, this usually requires no content being delivered on your end. However, some find that hosting ads can be intrusive. It depends on which works better for you and your sites’ needs. If you use ads, Google AdSense is way to make sure that your ads fit your sites’ audience.

Developing your own services

As you put more work into your site and the content you create, you may find yourself with a following. If you’re providing information or advice not found elsewhere, you could potentially develop it. Information products are a growing market for those looking to break into running their own site. If you have a market, a niche and the experience, consider developing your own.

Selling your brand

As your site grows, you might also find that your personal brand is doing the same. You don’t necessarily have to develop products to sell them. You can sell yourself. It’s not as bad as it sounds. If you become an expert in your topic, you might find paid speaking opportunities coming your way. If you find that method of monetizing your time online works, you should start networking and find even more of those opportunities.


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