Multcloud: Manage All Your Cloud Drives.

Managing multiple cloud storages/drives is getting tougher now a days as there are many players in the market and most of them are coming out with such good features that it’s becoming tough for us to select best out of them so what we do is we use all of them.


Earlier if we remember it was only Dropbox and we only needed to handle a single service but since then we have seen many players like OneDrive, Google Drive, Yandex, Amazon and many more in the big list. Further to make it worse we might also have multiple accounts with the same service for example we might be using multiple Gmail accounts or Outlook accounts for our own personal reasons and each comes with its own cloud storage.

This is when we need a service which can give us a single platform for managing all these. Multcloud is an answer for the same. It’s a platform from where we can manage all the cloud storage drives in a single platform and to make it more brilliant it’s completely free.

Features of Multcloud:

  1. MultCloud supports many cloud drives which includes Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Copy, WebDav, Google Drive, SugarSync, Amazon S3, FTP/SFTP, Bitcasa, MyDrive and so on.


  1. Easy to use. Select the service you want (Dropbox, OneDrive etc.) from the dashboard and add it by providing the account info.
  2. You can manage your cloud drive from within Multcloud, like for example you can create folder, delete file etc.


  1. Transfer files between services, like if you want to quickly transfer a file from your Dropbox to your Google drive you can do it right inside Multcloud.
  2. Multcloud does not have any rights on user data and all transactions are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.
  3. 100 % free service.

In conclusion we can say that Multcloud is service for those who are finding it difficult to manage all their services and want something which is reliable and flexible.

Learn more about the service: MultCloud

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