Five Awesome Ways the Windows Phones Has Reinvented the Smartphone.

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Many people were skeptical of a Windows phones running the Windows operating system. This skepticism has largely faded among many consumers and experts. The phones are receiving attention for the next generation hardware and new innovative features. Windows phones are redefining smartphones in five ways.

Windows Phones 5 redefining ways:

Innovative Interface

One of the most visible ways Windows phones running Windows are reinventing smartphones is through an innovative interface. The Metro interface is the first one in decades that does not look like everything else on the market. Additionally, it has the Live Tiles feature that turns each of the tiles into an active display area showing current data instead of a glossy static icon.

Collaboration Tools

Some of the smartphones from can exchange data with another person near the device. Phones with Windows have an entire collaborative infrastructure called Rooms. Rooms are basically cloud-based abstract areas where multiple users can upload, download and share data privately from any location. It allows friends to have a common place for images, notes and other items. It allows business users to collaborate while outside of the office without mixing data with personal items on the phone.

Wireless Integration

Certain brands of phones allow limited wireless integration with proprietary devices from the same manufacturer. A phone running Windows can integrate with many different devices in the home including gaming consoles, media players and even smart devices from other manufacturers. The functionality is still developing although the phones are already far ahead of competitors in become centralized control and access points for electronics in the home.


Kids Corner Feature

One of the best features of Windows phones for parents is the inclusion of the Kids Corner option. This option recognizes that parents sometimes give children the phone to play with. It also recognizes that a child might have to borrow the phone. Kids Corner activates a locked mode where the actions of the child are restricted based on parental settings so no harm can be done.

Data Sense

The Data Sense feature helps consumers directly. This software tracks usage of data on the phone. It actively uses compression algorithms to minimize the amount of data sent and received from servers without any input from the user. This allows a person to get much more browsing time from a plan. Data Sense can also stop the phone from exceeding set limits.

Competitors are actively attempting to copy some of these features. This means phones running Windows are leading the way in innovation. Microsoft already has many plans for new features on upcoming models that include everything from full visual customization to enterprise-level security.

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