Useful Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts.


Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts: Below mentioned are some very useful and handy Windows 8 Keyboard shortcuts. As we are aware that Windows 8 does not have Start menu so these shortcuts can be good for making our life easy.

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts:

  1. Windows key + start typing: Search your PC.
  2. Windows key+C: Open the charms (Windows 8 sidebar).
  3. Windows key+F : Windows 8 search keyboard shortcut.
  4. Windows key+H : Share an item.
  5. Windows key+I : Open settings
  6. Windows key+J : Switch between apps.
  7. Windows key+K : Open the Devices.
  8. Windows key+Q : Search Apps.
  9. Windows key+W : Search settings.
  10. Windows key+spacebar : check and change language and keyboard layout.

I Hope this Windows 8 shortcuts proves helpful for you. We will update more Windows 8 tips so stay tuned.Also learn more about Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts here.

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