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Social networks are much more public and open nowadays. The biggest concern about being on social networks are that everything we share on these will remain there if not removed or some trails we may accidentally miss or forget to remove.This sometimes can prove bad for us since some ignored content may give us a bad reputation.

Simplewash is an online service which will help us in removing any unwanted contents from our social network profiles which we might  have forgotten to remove.

How Simplewash works:

Note: Simplewash service at present is only available for Facebook and Twitter.

  1. You can use your Facebook login or Twitter login to access the service, once you have logged in for Facebook you need to allow the Simplewash app and for Twitter you need to authorise the Simplewash app.remove unwanted posts from facebooksimplewash
  2. Once you have authorized the app, this will check your profile with its list of precompiled words such as most used common slangs, or slangs or words that covers from sex to drugs that may be considered offensive or alarming to those viewing your social history.
  3. You also have the option to add your own words to the list which might not be there in default list such as slangs or words in your native language.
  4. Once after this only thing you need to do is to click Start button. This action will check all your commented posts on your wall or post or updates which you have liked and then it will list the suspected posts, updates or comments and the results of suspected ones displayed as in blue color click able link. If you click those it will take you that particular posts, updates or comment which you can remove from there.

The biggest advantage in using Simplewash service is that you do not have to take the pain in manually checking your profile from start which can be a cumbersome job.

Lear more: Simplewash.

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