Examvoice: Preparing For Exams Now Made Simple.


Examvoice: Preparing for exams or even learning something becomes simple when you are able to hear and learn it rather than just reading out lessons/texts on books. Examvoice is an online service just for this need which brings both of them

About Examvoice:

Examvoice is launched by Verbicio, a start-up company which is aimed to help students and is very useful especially for those who tend to prepare for exams. Students can select their subject of interest and find the apt answer corresponding to a particular exam rather than a whole bunch of information.

How Examvoice Work:

Users (contributors) can create account by using their Facebook login on the site and upload questions and best apt answers for any particular topic/exam plus they can upload audio of the answer/content. On the other hand people who seek answers can use the search feature on Examvoice. Best answers which has top rating will be on the top of result in order. Users can check answers and add their comments, rate them and also like/share them on Facebook. Unwanted content will be removed considering user’s comments and ratings.

There is no set criteria for becoming a member or contributing on Examvoice and any person who has a mentality to help can become a member and start contributing.

Examvoice is new budding start-up which is expected grow with more and more useful information on wide variety of topics especially for students, professionals and people preparing for many government and private sector exams and admissions tests.

Learn more about this service here: Examvoice.

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